Mastering Robo Algo

Mastering Robo Algo



Robo Trading
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Course Description

In this Course you will be learning about basic and advance part of Robo Algo Trading Software

How to get Started

How to Setup Amibroker and Data Feed with Robo Algo along with NEST

Learn The Trading using Robo

Nest and Amibroker trouble shooting

Robo Algo Logs and its reading

overall master the product will be key focus for this couorse


  • Lession No - 1 How to Get Started WIth Robo Algo
    6 Minutes
  • Lesson No 2 -Symbole Setting in Robo Algo Software
    8 Minutes
  • Lession No 3 :Robo Algo Application Settings in Robo Algo Software
    5 Minutes
  • Lesson No 4 :Amibroker Manual Button Trading and settings Robo Algo Trading Software
    12 Minutes
  • Lesson No 5 : Intraday Martingle Trading Strategy
    15 Minutes
  • Lession No 6 : Custom Qty as per Trader requirement
    10 Minutes
  • Lession No 7 Diversify Trading by Robo Algo Software
    6 Minutes
  • Lesson No 8 Stop loss Using Qty by Robo Algo Software
    5 Minutes
  • Lesson No 9 How to Trade IN Option buy Robo Algo
    8 Minutes
  • Lesson no 10 Order Logs and other Understanding
    12 Minutes
  • Lesson No 11 Configuration of Email Notification In Robo Algo Software
    6 Minutes

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