Solution Focused
We always provide people with a complete solution focused on any kind of trading like Cash , Futures and Options.
Customer Oriented
We always provide personalised service with a complete solution focused on helping each and every trader.
Up to 75% to 85% Success
Our Software is having different kind of filter for sideways zone or false breakout back testing and optimisation.
Fast and Furious Software
We are having very unique color coding and our own algo which is working together to make your trade fully automated based on your Input.
About Us

Welcome to the SecureTrade

We are very passionate to help traders to implement their trading ideas to real time execution with either manual or fully automated manner.
TradersHub is awesome community which is full with professional full time Intraday and positional traders.

Our Best Services

Auto Buy Sell Signal Software
We are having best buy sell signal software which is based on 7 indicator and with filter like price action and momentum.
Algo Trading Software
We are having our own robo trading software which is working with NEST Trader Terminal With all segment and all type of mode .
Real Time Data
Data feed is very crucial for trading, We don't have any product regarding data feed but we do resell data feed for GDFL and VBIZ.
Mobile Application
We do have Mobile Application which is rich in features like Live Charts, Auto Advisory, Message Board and Live Rates.

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